Frequently Asked Questions

Sales Enquiries

You may purchase Go-easel 2 eAssessments at:

  1. This Online Bookstore.

Unfortunately not. Go-easel 1 titles will not work with Go-easel 2. Go-easel 2, was built from ground up to allow for a wider set of functionalities which has far outgrown Go-easel 1's original design.

The good news is that we have a pretty long roadmap of functionalities that we can't wait to add to make the Go-easel 2 experience better! Be sure to look out for new updates!

To be exact, each book is capable of tracking the scores of only one child. It's a one to one relationship. However, if tracking their individual progresses isn't important to you, your children may share one book. If not, you'll need to get one book per child.

Each book's subscription is for 1 year. When the subscription has expired, the books can no longer be accessed.

Please contact our Helpdesk ( and we'll set you up with our sales staff to advise you on licensing and how to use Go-easel 2 in tuition centres.

Please contact our Helpdesk ( and we'll set you up with our sales staff to advise you on what you need to do to get your books on Go-easel 2 Bookstores.

Feature Enquiries

Technical Enquries

The average size of each book is about 30MB. However, books with Audio content (e.g. Oral) can range from 90MB - 200MB.

Yes. The new release version of Go-easel 2 can now work on tablets that are 7” and above.

Actually, you may view the minimum requirements in our "Get the App"" section. So instead, we'll let you know what Go-easel 2 cannot or should not run on for clarity sake.

You may install Go-easel 2, five times using one Parent Account. If you have used up all your installations and need to de-authorise an existing device, please do contact our Customer Service (Contact Us).

For the iPad, the App Update Notification will automatically inform you if Go-easel 2 has an update.

Each book is prepared specifically for each authorised device. It may take a little longer for Audio heavy books to be prepared. The average preparation time before the download begins is 5 - 10 secs. Though media heavy books may take about 12 - 20 secs to be prepared before the download begins.

We are still optimizing this process and we hope to shorten the preparation time further.

Here's a link to Apple Support that teaches you how to force any app to quit.